3 Hawks Consulting Increases Hoosier Cancer Agency Brand Engagement

About Little Red Door

As Indiana’s oldest cancer agency, Little Red Door is a nonprofit organization that helps underserved Hoosiers battling cancer, educates the public about cancer prevention and provides cancer screenings to uninsured people in central Indiana.  For more information, visit www.littlereddoor.org.

The Challenge

Throughout its history, Little Red Door has been highly successful in cancer education and services, and in recent years has been exponentially expanding its mission with an average 20% growth rate over the past 6 years. 

However, with all of this growth Little Red Door proactively acknowledged they were entering into another phase of their organization that required them to communicate more effectively with multiple key audiences.

Little Red Door set out to find a partner that could support them in accomplishing the following organizational goals:

  • Create visibility through public education events
  • Improve reach of education and prevention programming to high-risk demographics
  • Increase the number of services received per client
  • Strengthen relationships with donors and strategic partners

The Solution

Little Red Door’s needs focused in two areas: creation of a comprehensive strategy, and mentoring support for the marketing communications team to ensure communications were executed in the most effective manner.  The first began through consulting with Little Red Door’s executive director and leadership team, then the latter with the communications manager.

The most significant component of the past year’s strategy included redefining and building Little Red Door’s Big Red Bash experience.  While the Big Red Bash had always been a successful event, the organization desired a way to reach more targeted, high-risk demographics with a message of cancer prevention.  3 Hawks worked in tandem with the executive and programming teams to develop an innovative booth space, on-site experience and targeted marketing at Indy Pride, Black Expo and Indiana State Fair.

3 Hawks also supported LRD through mobile app, web redesign, email campaigns, blogging and PR activities, along with traditional print mailings – to name a few.  These activities were reviewed on a monthly basis with ongoing input as required.  Additionally, the strategic plan is reviewed each year in the fall alongside committee and board members, and their annual organizational plan.

High Impact Outcomes

Visibility and Outreach

  • Over 13,000 people educated about cancer prevention
  • Nearly 3,000 people pledged to bash cancer through custom built online application
  • 32% average first email open rate of Big Red Bash pledge participants
  • 70% of Big Red Bash participants surveyed indicated a positive wellness behavior change 6 months after first engagement.

Donor support

  • 32% Increase in amount of one-year gifts at Face of Hope breakfast
  • Total of $343,477 in one-day donations at Face of Hope breakfast
  • 68% Increase in Face of Hope attendees