Our team works to support you through a variety of processes that help ensure everyone's on the same page, everyone's taking care of their piece of the business, and everyone's getting results.  


Consider us your Director(s) of Marketing for Hire. Here's how we work:

Initial Marketing Strategy

Our team will work with your key leadership to identify your organizational goals, understand the challenges that are currently getting in the way and validate with your key stakeholders that what you think they want is accurate. 

Strategies are typically completed within 4 weeks and require some involvement from the CEO, c-suite and heavy involvement from the marketing manager. 

Weekly Marketing Manager Calls

Each week the account manager works with your account manager to review the action items that are in line with the marketing strategy, identify any new responsibilities that have been delegated to him/ her, and discuss any challenges, obstacles or necessary resources that are required in order to continue to make progress.  CEOs are welcome to join these calls (although typically we find that after the first few you’re bored to tears and answering urgent emails instead of participating.) 

Monthly Reporting

Each month you will get an excel sheet listing out the results for each of the leading metrics that we’ve identified through the strategy, as well as outcome metrics. (Yes, we will work with your sales team to understand how your marketing activities are driving revenue.) 

Quarterly Strategy Reviews

Ideally, your organizational strategy isn’t changing every 6 months, but we do understand that things happen that require the occasional pivot or adjustment to strategy.  Beyond the weekly marketing calls and monthly reporting, we’ll sit down every three months to ensure that the strategy and plan address any urgent or long-term needs.